Creative Sales & Service Solutions

to help your teams to generate greater revenue and increase customer loyalty

We help hospitality & customer service businesses to develop their managers, trainers and teams so they can deliver sensational service that drives sales against their own business standards.

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We enable employees and business to achieve greater performance & profitability by enabling them to do a QUALITY JOB and do it CONSISTENTLY and EFFICIENTLY.

We do this by blending innovation and technology with traditional training to enable employees to consistently provide exceptional service and generate profit.

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Our signature training programs

We understand that the majority of learning happens in the workplace and interacting with others,  This is why we offer a range of interactive and engaging training programmes that combine practical workshops, on-line learning, performance coaching and on the job activities to help transfer learning into practice. 

Double your sales of targeted products in 28 days

A sales program for busy managers & trainers of restaurants, bars and cafes wanting to improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of service, resulting in increased revenue and return business.

A customised customer service program  

An interpersonal engagement programme that is designed to build the foundations of a customer focused culture and enable all employees to deliver memorable experiences.

Lead and manage effective teams  

An interactive program for people who want to develop, grow and manage effective and profitable teams.

What we do

We understand that all business are different, we also understand that training is only part of the learning journey this is why we provide a holistic range of services to support our clients at all stages of the development journey.

Companies we have worked with 

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