The 3 ways to generate greater sales & increase revenue

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Oct 09

If you run a coffee shop, bar or restaurant, there are 3 ways your teams can increase your sales & revenue.

Stay tuned because in this video we are going to look at how your teams can easily generate more sales in each of the 3 areas, and why you can’t just focus on one.

It may seem rather obvious, but the secret to greater sales starts with your existing customers.

1. The first and easiest way to increase sales is to sell more to your existing customers.

Remember a customer has come to your venue for a reason, whether it is to buy a coffee, cocktail or a plate of food.

So If you provide them with a great experience and great product then the chances are they are going to buy more.

But remember you have lots of competition and your customer has lots of choices. If your team don’t do their job right and create a great experience and great product for your customers, then why would they want to stay.

2. The second way to increase sales is to up-sell and cross sell to your existing customers.

This means selling additional items such as a cake with a coffee, a side or fries with a burger or suggesting a more expensive product such as bottle of wine rather than a glass or a premium beer or cocktail.

The challenge with upselling and cross selling is that to encourage the customer to pay more money, they need to trust your products as well as the staff member making the recommendation.

To help build trust with your customers that encourages them to want to buy more, your teams need to know their product, they need to understand the guests needs and provide a personalised experience.

3. The third and hardest way to generate greater sales and revenue is to get more customers to visit and buy.

This the most expensive and time-consuming way as it requires marketing and promotions.

However getting new customers to come and buy is only part of the challenge, the risk is that if your team don’t provide a great experience and great product for each new customer, they will leave and never come back.

But here is the irony. If your teams consistently provide great experiences and great products to your existing customers, they become your best source of advertising as they promote your business to their friends, colleagues and on-line communities.

So there we have it the 3 ways a coffee shop, bar or restaurant can generate greater sales & revenue.

If you focus on your existing customers by consistently providing great experiences and great products, they will want to return, you will find it easier to upsell and cross sell to and they will help bring more customers.

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