by ian J

June 14, 2016

We train your managers how to lead you own in-house customer experience program based on your own busines standards.  

This is an interactive customer experience program, that is designed to help you to build the foundations for helping your team to deliver memorable customer experiences, that excite and delight customers and encourage them to return. 

Our workshops have been designed to enable your managers and in-house trainers to identify and manage the areas of service that influences the customer experience. This is achieved through encouraging positive employee behaviours or quickly correct negative ones.


By completing this program and applying all the practices and principles you will be able to:   

  • Increase your customer loyalty 
  • Increase sales through product recommendations & cross-promotions 
  • Improve your customer feedback
  • Reduce your customer handling times
  • Reduce your customer complaints

How It Works 

This is a training program designed around your specific business goals and needs. We first identify your training goals and help to define the tools resources and procedures you have to help achieve these goals.

We deliver interactive and engaging training; allowing attendees to learn the fundamentals of each topic, allowing them to learn and refine their knowledge and skills before putting their learning into practice back in the workplace.

This is followed up o with a review to identify the impact the training has had to identify steps to continuous improvement.

The Training Workshops

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Delivering Exceptional Service

Learning Outcome

This workshop will provide service staff with the foundation essential skills to deliver exceptional customer service.

Learning Topics

  • The value of exceptional service
  • Standards of service
  • Body language & non-verbal communication
  • Active listening skills
  • Questioning techniques
  • Complaint handling
  • Action Planning


Audience - All Service staff
Duration -  1 X half day (up to 10 attendees) 

Leading Exceptional Service 

Learning Objectives

This workshop will teach all employees with leadership responsibilities how to lead the customer service programme in the workplace.   They will learn how to:

  • Set and communicate clear expectations of service
  • Lead by example and role model exceptional customer service
  • Develop their team to deliver exceptional customer service
  • Provide on the job coaching and performance management to individual team members
  • Monitor and provide feedback about the team’s customer service behaviours
  • Use metrics and measures to measure service quality
  • Plan and implement improvements

Learning Topics

  • Understanding your customer's needs
  • Managing service standards
  • Managing complaints
  • Managing employee performance
  • On the job training and coaching skills
  • Using customer service metrics to improve service
  • Action Planning

Audience - Supervisors, team leaders and managers
Duration - 1 Day (for up to 5 attendees)


About the author 

ian J

I have been involved in Learning & Development for over 15 years in Australia, and the UK. Having worked with a range of public and private business in both private and public sector. I have seen a lot of what works and also a lot of what doesn't.

I believe that with the right tools, guidance and support anyone can train better on the job.

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