Our Work

Here is an overview of some of our work.  Click on each tab to learn more. 

  • Instructional DESIGN 


  • competency TESTING 

Syaapse online logo
Online & Work-based Training Resources

Synapse provides a range of support services for people who have been impacted by brain injury and disability, and promotes quality of life, self-determination and choice through information, specialist support and targeted research activities.

Output:  Design and development:   

  • Online modules using Articulate Storyline  and Articulate Rise 
  • Face to face and online learning resources including (PPT, learners guides, faciltiator guides and work base activities) 
  • Instructional Videos
WYLA logo
WYLA- Would You Like Another?  Online sales program

This is an interactive online course where learners will learn how to design and deliver their own WYLA on the job sales program which will enable your own team’s to increase coffee sales and encourage customer loyalty.

Output:  Design and development:   

  • Instructional Videos
  • Editable PDFs
  •  Step by step guide
TTW logo
Online & Work-based Training Resources

Train the Workplace is a free online learning community.

Output:  Design and development:   

  • Training articles
  • downloadable work instruction guides
  • Editable PDF templates  
  • Instructional Videos
  • Online Workshops  

GH Logo
Online & Work-based Training Resources

Greyhound Australia is the largest private transport network in Australia, working in the areas of domestic and interstate transport, Mining camp shuttle operations, freight and charters. 

Output: The complete redesign of all over 50 learning programs ranging from:

  • Pre-employment skills testing 
  • Employee on-boarding, 
  • Corporate and site inductions,
  • Compliance training 
  • Health & safety training
  • Job specific learning materials.

ACCA logo
Online & Work-based Training Resources

The Above and Beyond Customer Experience program is the signature Customer service program for the Australian Coach Captains Academy.

Output: Design and development of a customer experience program that centers around the 4 customer service behaviours of Do it right, Make it personal, Seek feedback and Make it right. This included:

  • Scripting and filming video and scenarios
  • Designing and developing managers training guides and work-based learning activities 
  • Designing and developing online learning workshops

elt logo_UAE
Executive Leadership Training 

Executive Leadership training provides innovative solutions to develop managers in the UAE. 

Output: Design of training material for several workshops including Leaders Guides, PPT, Learners Manuals and Work Based Activities. These have included: 

  • Leadership Skills - For Food Hygiene Mangers 
  • Managing the customer experience
  • On The Job Coaching

NEL logo_UK
Face to Face learning material

North East London Commissioning Support Unit provides administrative support for the UK National Health Services (NHS trusts).

Output: Redesign and develop over 30 training resources including Learner's Manuals, PPT presentations, Leaders Guides for topics including:

  • Recruitment and Interviewing 
  • Supervision and Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Complaint Handling
  • Productivity
  • Stress Management
  • Project Management 

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