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Sales and Service Training Workshops

We provide a holistic approach to all of our training and development programmes. We work with you to identify the need and performance measures for every interaction so that we can help you to achieve your goals in a measurable way.
This means that we will not run training for the sake of training.

All of our workshops are designed as engaging, and interactive; allowing attendees to learn the fundamentals of the topic, share their ideas and experiences and learn from their peers as well as the experienced facilitators.


How to increase coffee sales and generate customer loyalty in 14 days

An online sales program for busy managers & trainers of restaurants, bars and cafes wanting to improve the quality, consistency and efficiency of service, resulting in more sales and increased customer loyalty.

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Learn how to lead and manage effective teams

An interactive program for employees new to supervising others or experienced people managers who want to develop, grow and manage effective and profitable teams.

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Lead your own customer experience program based on your standards

An interactive customer experience program, that is designed to help you to build the foundations for helping your team to deliver memorable customer experiences, that excite and delight customers and encourage them to return. 

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